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  • With 40 years of experience, we know how to look after children at our camp!

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We are pleased to announce that registration is now open for SUMMER 2016!

 Campers can apply now online at our website.

 Thessaloniki office hours: 9.00 - 15.00.

About us

Welcome to “Kalivas International Children’s Summer Camp”, one of the biggest holiday camps in Greece. It was founded in 1977 by Mr. George Kalivas, a children’s teacher of gymnastics and ever since then, the total satisfaction of the children has been a top priority of the Camp. Our camp is located in a seaside resort, within a pine forest of 20 hectares in Metamorfosis, Chalkidiki, Greece, where the outstanding natural beauty of the mountains nearby is combined with the deep blue Mediterranean sea.

Kalivas Camp aims to provide a safe, healthy, summer learning environment full of fun for children during their summer holiday. In a superb Mediterranean setting, the children enjoy a well-balanced and happy holiday experience which introduces them to a variety of sports and exciting outdoor activities.

Over the years, our Camp has improved its infrastructure, enhanced its human resources with highly trained professionals, adapted to the latest technological developments and received wide recognition for its superb hospitality, services and organizational skills. 

Our staff:

Kalivas Camp, employs a total of 150 staff working in different fields, especially during the summer. Our staff members are either professional teachers or experienced camp counsellors. Our staff training program emphasises the need for close supervision, safety and awareness of the needs of each individual child. 

Our mission:

  • to offer a unique summer holiday experience for children between the ages of 6-15 years old.
  • to provide Greek language courses, sports, artistic activities and outdoor excursions tailored to each individual's skill, in order to bring out talent and encourage progress.
  • to encourage friendship across cultures and languages from around the world.
  • to develop the spirit of teamwork and co-operation.
  • to teach young people how to take the first steps away from home towards becoming more responsible and self-sufficient.
  • to awaken a desire for discovery and learning by encouraging active participation in all daily activities.
  • to help children discover Greece's natural beauty and culture.

Word from the directors

Since we opened our doors in 1977... 

We have been very fortunate to have worked with children from all parts of the world, to learn from them as much as they have learnt from us, and to help them, often year after year, grow in what we feel is a very unique environment. Kalivas Camp is a family run camp managed by Mr and Mrs Kalivas and their adult children who during their childhood gained pleasant and memorable inside experience of living in the Camp during their summer holidays. Members of their extended family have also worked for our Camp, serving an exciting and educational apprenticeship to enable them to grow as internationally minded people with an excellent work ethic and a positive approach to life. 

Kalivas Camp strives to provide an enriching holiday experience to children. We stand faithful to our philosophy, ready to serve children in our Camp, with our care, expertise and commitment to their needs.


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